Gordon Ramsay's Alleged Mistress Appears on Hell's Kitchen Season Finale [scandal]

Last night on the season finale of Hell's Kitchen, who should the camera cut to but Gordon Ramsay's alleged mistress, Sarah Symonds, in a skin-tight leopard print top filling out a comment card. Symonds, you may recall, is a "Professional Mistress" — the author of the book Having an Affair?: A Handbook for the "Other Woman" (buy at Amazon) has even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote the mistress lifestyle.

Back in November 2008 News of the World broke the news that Ramsay had allegedly been having a seven-year long affair with Symonds, even photographing him exiting her hotel. Corroborating these allegations, in her book, Symonds wrote of a "friend" who was "having an affair with a world-famous TV chef, well-known on both sides of the Atlantic for both his bad language and his good food."

This episode of Hell's Kitchen was shot sometime in 2008, and we have to wonder: Did the producers of the show even know who she was? Does Gordon Ramsay not get final approval of edits? Maybe she's just "a good friend," but this one is gonna be hard to live down.

Update: Internationally-friendly non-Hulu video added below.

Video: Ramsay's Alleged Mistress Appears on Hell's Kitchen

Video: Ramsay's Alleged Mistress Appears on Hell's Kitchen (Non-Hulu)

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