Season Two of Heston Blumenthal's Feasts Announced

Good news out of the UK: Channel 4 ordered a second season of six episodes of Heston's Feasts. In season one, which ran four episodes long, Heston Blumenthal researched different historical periods — the Roman, Medieval, Tudor and Victorian eras — to design and serve fantastic and decadent feasts.

In case you missed them, we posted videos from season one:

Some exceptional shows get made in the UK with little cross-marketing commercial brand-name dropping hooha. Reassuringly, Heston's Feasts averaged an astounding 3.1 million viewers. For comparison's sake, the latest season finale of Top Chef garnered 3.7 million viewers — impressive when you take into account the population difference (UK: 60 million vs US: 300 million).

For season two, Blumenthal is "considering a fairytale theme." Filming starts in August and (we love this quote) "transmission is expected next year."

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