The 2009 Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake [video]

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The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is an annual event held near Gloucester, England — this year's was Monday, May 25th. Following long-running tradition, an eight pound (3.5 kg) round of Double Gloucester Cheese is given a one second head start, and competitors race down the hill to ostensibly catch the cheese — which can reach speeds of up to 70mph (112 km/h) — although that rarely happens. The hill is so steep and uneven that people literally tumble their way down, and injuries frequently occur. First to pass the finish line wins the wheel of cheese. There's also a less dangerous "uphill" race.

The Big Picture has a great photo set and the official Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling website has results and more photos from this year. We sifted through YouTube to find videos (and there are a lot), here are some of the best:

Video: Cheese Roll 2009: Race 1: Superheroes

Video: Cheese Roll 2009: Race 1: Mankini Racer

Video: Cheese Roll 2009: CNN Report

Video: Cheese Roll 2009: Human Avalanche

Video: Cheese Roll 2009: Uphill Race

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