The Daily Show: White House Garden Can Cause Starvation, Obesity and Cancer [video]

Last night The Daily Show ran a segment "Little Crop of Horrors" tackling the ridiculous response by Big Ag to the White House garden, saying that "this seemingly harmless 20 by 50 foot token gesture has created a firestorm." Samantha Bee interviews policy wonk Jeff Stier, Associate Director of the American Council on Science and Health (a consumer "education" consortium), who has some epically suspicious arguments against the White House garden, suggesting that they use pesticides and chemicals, calling the Obamas "organic limousine liberals":

I think the Obama garden should come with a warning label. It's irresponsible to tell people that you have to eat organic and locally grown food. Not everyone can afford that. That's a serious public health concern... People are going to eat fewer fruits and vegetables. Cancer rates will go up. Obesity rate will go up. I think if we decide to eat only locally grown food, we're going to have a lot of starvation.

Samantha Bee warns, "Programs like the Edible Schoolyard are already sowing the seeds of starvation, obesity, and teen assplay."

Video: The Daily Show: "Little Crop of Horrors"

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