The Guardian on the Proposed 'Food Blog Code of Ethics'

Tim Hayward, writing on The Guardian' Word of Mouth blog, asks whether the the proposed "Food Blog Code of Ethics" is either necessary or desirable:

... There are obvious reasons why some standards should be maintained, but any attempt at creating an ethical elite on the web, in any field at all - particularly food writing which is not, after all, Woodward and Bernstein but people writing about their tea - seems to run counter to the spirit of self-governance, self-publishing and ultimately self-expression...

For me there's only one immutable law in online food writing - be entertaining and informative or people won't bother to read you. I like that, apart from a that single truth, all bets are off. Above all I like the fact that the filthy, ungovernable wild-west-web was my route into what was then the 'professional' closed-shop of paid writing.

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