The 'Sarah Connor Made Me Do It!' Campaign

"Sarah Connor Made Me Eat at Burger King" by cinebo

In an attempt to get the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles renewed for next season, Gawker Media's science fiction blog io9 started the "Sarah Connor Made Me Do It" campaign, a Flickr group where people post pictures of themselves with products that sponsored the show (with "bonus points if you manage to look like a Terminator or a future Resistance fighter").

So far, people have posted photos of themselves alongside products from almost all of the advertisers, from cars to cell phones to deodorant to oreos and Burger King.

The "Sarah Connor Made Me Do It!" campaign is in marked contrast to the earlier "save the TV show via food" campaigns — where people would mindlessly mail the networks foodstuffs like peanuts or bottles of Tabasco sauce, with mixed results — in that it smartly recognizes (and in a way, celebrates) the relationship between the TV show, its advertisers, and a rabid fanbase.

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