Videos of Alice Waters and Anthony Bourdain at the 'Food For Thought' Forum

Here are a couple of videos from last week's "Food for Thought" panel discussion with Anthony Bourdain, Alice Waters, and Duff Goldman (also see our writeup of the event). One of the topics discussed was local and organic food. Bourdain, even after acknowledging the horrors of the industrialized food chain, remains a realist:

One of the things that we forget, or that we're in peril of forgetting, is that this wonderful new world of organic, artisanal, heritage animals, all of these things that are relatively new that we're aware of, that are largely due to your influence (nods to Alice Waters), I think they're enormously valuable alternatives...

I feed my two year-old daughter, she gets organic milk. It's $7.78 a gallon, that's compared to $4.78 a gallon for non-organic... Let's face it, an organic egg, a farm-raised organic egg, it's like you've never tasted an egg before. It is an amazing experience. But I think it's dangerous to fetishize these things... I think it's important to understand when you talk about the joys of all these great foods, that you also recognize, that right now... Tuesday nights in the Mission District at Popeye's Fried Chicken, they're lined up for an hour and a half for that 99 cent chicken leg, they're not lined up because it's a cruelty-free chicken, or because it's organic or delicious, they're lining up because it's 99-fucking cents.

Alice Waters responds:

You're gonna pay. You're either gonna pay up-front, or you're gonna pay out back. Do you know that one in two kids is gonna have diabetes? Let us subsidize real food instead of fast food. Let's feed every single child in school breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack, for free, and feed them real food.

Video: On Local and Organic Food

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