Yummy Magazine, Issue #3

Not to be confused with the Philippines' best-selling food magazine of the same name, the limited edition Parisian design annual Yummy celebrated the release of its third issue this week. Served up fresh if never on time, Yummy debuted in July 2005 first in praise of junk food, and then fast food eighteen months later. Yet despite this current tome being more than two years in the making, slow food is never their message.

Highlights from the new issue, now available at Colette Paris, continue to include work from some of the biggest names in contemporary design including James Jarvis, KAWS and Parra. Independent publishers Jean Malfort and Alexandra Jean make the most of their day jobs in trendcasting and textiles to pool talent who share a decidedly French take on American eating habits. After the jump some highlights from three years of new uses for hamburgers, french fries and ketchup.

Adam Robb

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