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How to Greenwash Your Packaging

This illustration by Lunchbreath is basically a checklist for corporate greenwashing: Earth tones, sans serif type, unbleached paper, and emotional messaging are essential components of the deceptive marketing techniques employed by corporations that rebrand their products.
We liked the customer benefit: "Be selfish while appearing progressive."
[via Osocio]

Linksplodge 06/30/09

Right: Wired Science on "Dento-Munch," a chewing robot that used "motion-capture information recorded during actual human gnoshing to guide its movement." Designed to study enamel wear.
Serious Eats recaps an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that features a struggling chef, fake magazines like "Gourmand" and a fake food gossip website.
PSFK has a photo of [...]

'Food and the Future of it' by Matt Brown [food art]

"Egg printer," Matt Brown. Photo by permission.

"Egg printer," Matt Brown. Photo by permission.
In Matt Brown's "Food and the Future of it," his final project for his masters in Interaction Design at the Umea Institute of Design in Umea, Sweden, he envisions that the food from the year 2040 would be synthetic and programmatic, made using [...]

Extreme Makeovers of Fast Food: 'Fancy Fast Food'

Fancy Fast Food (tagline: "Yeah it's still bad for you — but look how good it can look!") is a project that tears down fast food and rebuilds it, making it look like fancy restaurant food, complete with instructions. For example, they turn a Croissan’wich and Biscuit from Burger King into a BK Quiche and [...]

Casting Call: You Could Be the Next Carl's Jr. Burger Porn Star

Here's a casting call on Craigslist for "Hot Chicks Eating Burgers," where ladies 18-30 can submit a video of themselves in their very own burger porn commercial, a la Audrina Patridge.
Fame and glory await, or maybe just a "chance to appear in an upcoming Carl's Jr. or Hardee's marketing campaign, a $1,000 cash prize [...]

Food Meets Fashion [advertising]

Images via
Here is a series of print ads by Bark Copenhagen for Waterfront Shopping, a mall complex in Denmark, that apparently has food and fashion.

Linksplodge 06-29-09

Above, from a photo gallery from New Scientist: Carnivorous robots eager to eat your pests. The designers: "if robots are ever to be welcomed into people's homes, they'll need to fit in with the rest of the furniture, and earn their keep."
After the New York Times pulls the recipe from their website, The NYTPicker asks: [...]

Glacia Icebox: Water in a Biodegradable Box

One of the standouts of our visit to New York's Fancy Food Show: the Glacia Icebox. Pure arctic spring water from Norway — "the best water in the world" no less — all in a completely recyclable, biodegradable, and non-toxic box. Get this: even with shipping from Norway, the small boxes have a carbon footprint [...]

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