Amanda Hesser to Michelle Obama: Get Back in the Kitchen

In Sunday's New York Times, Amanda Hesser filed a clever, linkbaity, yet infuriating op-ed piece that puts feminism back about 30 years — Hesser wants to put Michelle Obama back in the kitchen and on the talk show circuit to show the nation how to cook. Apparently Obama is the best woman to promote healthy cooking in America because she's "a popular first lady with two children and roots in the working class" — never mind the fact that Hesser herself quotes the First Lady as saying "You know, cooking isn’t one of my huge things."

But Hesser, in a move that harkens back to that whole Alice Waters/"kitchen cabinet" madness, just can't leave well enough alone. According to Hesser, Michelle Obama should convene her own "food summit meeting," turn that into a "national task force," having chefs give free cooking lessons to "the next generation of cooks and eaters." She also suggests that Michelle Obama "take one of the White House chefs on the road, working the morning and talk show circuit."

Food is on television. A lot. It may veer into the entertainment territory all too often, but last we checked, the Food Network, Fine Living, PBS, etc. all run shows about cooking healthy and simply and quickly. There are dozens of magazines and countless cookbooks that promote cooking and gardening. Why does this information need to come from Michelle Obama?

We're going to leave it to Schrambling, because we couldn't say it any better:

Now the divine Mrs. M is supposed to strap on an apron and save the world by cooking. No matter that she sends a more powerful message by dishing up healthful, affordable food at a soup kitchen, or by looking so fit herself, or just by not apologizing for hiring cooks to keep her family fed in Chicago because she had more rewarding things to do. It’s been a long, hard fight to get this country to understand a woman’s place is not always in the kitchen.

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