Anti-Stab Knives for the UK

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What the UK lacks in gun crime, they sure do make up with knives! (Apparently 30% of murders in the UK are committed with pointy bits of metal.) So what's a knife-inclined industrial designer to do? Make some non-stabby knives, of course, which is exactly what John Cornock did. After watching a BBC TV news feature "regarding a report produced by three UK doctors calling for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives," he set about designing knives that can still be effective in the kitchen without having stabby murderous potential. (Though we would be remiss not to note that Cornock's knives still possess slashy murderous potential).

Cornock writes: "It is now our firm belief that the common kitchen knife is not in fact a necessary evil and a new, more intelligent knife design can replace it. "

The blunt-pointed instruments will soon be produced by knife manufacturer Taylor's Eye Witness under the 'Classmate' Home Economics line, selling for around £40-50, reports the UK Times.

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