Big Deals: Baby Love by MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell and DC Chef Geoff Tracy

Washington, DC chef/restaurateur Geoff Tracy and his wife Norah O'Donnell (the chief Washington correspondent for MSNBC, and a Today contributor who's graced the cover of Pregnancy magazine) have landed a six-figure book deal with St. Martin's for Baby Love, a cookbook featuring recipes for infants, Publisher's Weekly reports.

The book will be based on their experience cooking for their three children. O'Donnell, admittedly, is not the culinary type, having told Washington Life, "The only things I make are banana bread and BLTs." But Tracy is the one in the kitchen — back in September he told Cookie:

I have cooked every meal for them since they got off the bottle, from about 6 to 13 months, and my wife and I are writing a book about it. Essentially, I felt that the quality of mass-produced baby food was pretty poor, and I thought it would be much more natural for me to produce it—it would be fresher; it would be cheaper. I once talked to another father who said he was embarrassed, because he would buy the food in the stores and when he was feeding it to the kid he couldn't even stomach the smell of it—it nauseated him. And I said that's probably a sign that we shouldn't be feeding our children this stuff.

Q: Isn't all that cooking quite time consuming?

A. My theory is that in one hour a week you can produce all the food for the entire week, and ice-cube-tray it and pop it out into a Ziploc and put it in the freezer. I did it for twins in only one hour a week, with the exception of a few recipes that take a little bit longer to cook.

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