Big Deals: Top Chef's Stephanie Izard Lands Cookbook Deal

We hear that Top Chef season four-winner/restaurateur Stephanie Izard's cookbook How to Think, Shop, and Cook like a Top Chef has been picked up by Chronicle Books for a Fall 2011 publication. Her agent, Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, described the cookbook, which will be coauthored by Heather Shouse, as so:

[It] will encapsulate her playful personality in creative and funky content accessible to cooks of all levels. It will contain contemporary American recipes built around Izard's culinary philosophy that the best food is not overly complicated, and that it's possible to respect the masters without complex techniques, fancy equipment and expensive ingredients. But beyond simply providing recipes, this book will live up to its title and teach home cooks and aspiring chefs HOW TO THINK, SHOP AND COOK LIKE A TOP CHEF.

We're guessing high fives.

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