Comment on the Comments on the NYT Diner's Journal Blog

This weekend on the Diner's Journal blog, Frank Bruni blogged about the Obamas dining at Blue Hill, saying that their choice of restaurant showed "taste" and "affirms their interest in participating in the current conversation and in the cultural moment."

But he couldn't help himself, taking a potshot at GWB (joking that he and Laura would end up eating meat and potatoes at Smith & Wollensky) — surely it had something to do with it, but the post in general unleashed a firestorm of comments.

Some were dickish: "The writer, a snob at his best, trying awfully hard not to show it," and "Frank needs to exhale and think twice before posting again on Sundays."

Some mean-spirited: "Obama has inspired me to coin a new term: the 'Limousine Locavore.' Traveling two hundred miles by jet, helicopter, and car so your food doesn’t have to!"

Some funny-but-sad: "This made me hopeful for the state of the newspaper industry since the revenues are high enough to support producing this note."

The Diner's Journal sidebar reads "We’re eager to get comments from readers, but we moderate those comments and can delete those that use inappropriate language or personal attacks, or that veer off the subject." If this is the level of discourse the New York Times is going to have on their blogs, why even bother having comments at all?

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