Emeril Lagasse on Jon & Kate Plus 8 [video]

Jon & Kate Plus 8 celebrated its 100th episode Monday night, and in walks special guest star Emeril Lagasse — apparently Emeril met the family in a hotel elevator a while back, and was so charmed by them that he offered to come over and cook dinner. Jon and Kate Gosselin are sort of on the outs — what with their alleged affairs and collapsing marriage televised for everyone to see and everything — and Emeril had no idea what he was getting himself into, making for some uncomfortable television.

We've never watched Jon & Kate before, but our understanding is that this is more of the same: Jon resorting to self-deprecating sarcasm (enjoying that Emeril pushed Kate out of the way in the kitchen), and Kate being generally unpleasant and kinda mean (literally smacking Emeril with a spatula). Everyone tried to be on their best behavior, but the tension was decidedly thick, the tone spiritless and depressing.

Bonus hilarity when Kate Gosselin, rocking out some crazy streaks, squeezes a "Bam!" out of Emeril. Emeril was a good sport.

After the jump, a quick compilation of clips from the show.

Video: Emeril Lagasse on Jon & Kate Plus 8

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