Gael Greene: Food Bloggers Probably Have Bad Sex

Gael Greene, the dinosaur restaurant critic who'll tell anyone who asks about her slutty days with Elvis and Clint Eastwood, has written a piece for The Daily Beast's new "Hungry Beast" food subsite entitled "The Secret Sex Lives of Chefs" about chefs and sex and groupies. Along with tepid anonymous quotes from chefs who were big in the '80s, Greene also bemoans the kids these days, what with their blogging and Twitter and Yelp:

I worry that the lust that drove earlier generations from disco to bed seems too focused now on food, shopping (organica and leafy local greens), cooking and eating out, and endless blogging about it. I can’t believe that anyone has the time for advanced love-making— changing the sheets, soaking in a scented bath, setting up a favorite porn film. If the newbies are born already attached to a keyboard and their parents spend those midlife-crisis years at the computer, or scouting plywood sheathing coming down on new restaurants and texting gossip to Eater and Gawker… where does erotic adventure fit in? A Yelp is not like an orgasmic moan, or maybe to some it is. As for the compulsion to Tweet. Tweeting does not lead to kissing like dancing did. Whatever became of infidelity in the afternoon—would one Tweet it afterward with a euphemism or a rating?

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