Henry Koehler's Artichoke Period [food art]

Sunday's Father's Day episode of CBS Sunday Morning closed with a tribute to stepfathers. Correspondent Anthony Mason shared the story of his mother's remarriage to famed equestrian painter Henry Koehler. Just prior to the marriage, Koehler was in his "Artichoke Period." The above drawing Mason made at his future stepfather's request:

I was just 7 years old, when my Mom took me to an artist's studio in New York to meet a painter named Henry Koehler. It was June 12, 1963. I remember the date only because he wrote it down on the back of a picture he asked me to draw that day . . . a picture of an artichoke.

It seemed a pretty odd request at the time. But when my Mom became Mrs. Henry Koehler, I found out he was in his "artichoke period." And when we moved in with him, I saw he'd framed my childish artichoke and hung it amongst his own.

Below, Koehler and his work featured in the segment, as well as his 1968 work "Diamond Fluorescent Cerise."

Henry Koehler, "Diamond Flourescent Cerise," 1968. Photo from artists.parrishart.org

Adam Robb

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