Linksplodge 08/03/09

  • In a piece totally uncharacteristic for Gourmet, Robert Ashley writes up what he calls the Gross-Food Movement: "Something about these creations just grabs your attention—layer upon layer of gluttony in an age when we’re inundated with messages about improving our diets, eating less-processed food, and watching our weight. It’s a middle finger to the Michael Pollan and Alice Waters types, an assertion of the American birthright to consume in deadly quantities."
  • Regina Schrambling writes up lard for Slate: "As a food writer, I learned early on that it was considered a four-letter word in recipes, even when it was essential for authenticity."
  • We really enjoy the restaurant reviews from Chicago Gluttons — from the recent review of Mexique: "Soon I found myself cocking my head upwards toward the waiter, ordering the Tartara de Carne. Pickled red jalapenos, diced onion, cilantro, and capers..>FUCK YES. Shit pushed my wig back. I hate to blow load on the front end of a food review, but this shit was mos def the best dish of the night. If you skip this plate of food during your visit, you are officially un-Gluttoned. We don’t need you and don’t want you like downs syndrome caddies at the country club." Who writes like that? Chicago Gluttons does.


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