• The Kansas City Star alerts us to a server who was fired for writing an anonymous weekly column at Frothygirlz about her restaurant experiences.
  • Dwell is running a contest to come up with a flavor and name for an ice cream sandwich for Coolhaus, the Los Angeles-based architect-owned ice cream truck, who already have ice cream flavors like Frank Behry, Mies Vanilla Rohe, Richard Meyer Lemon Ginger, and Neutrapolitan.
  • Michael Nagrant writes a glowing profile of EMD favorite Chicago Gluttons:

    What’s compelling is that, despite the consistent bluster, Chicago Gluttons is not totally irredeemable, perverse, salacious, scatological digital candy for Mancow males and the mouth-breathing set. Just beneath their Crunk and crack-culture-cloaked dialogue is a real passion, knowledge and conscience about food and restaurant culture.


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