Linksplodge 06/23/09

  • Right: Trend Piece's artwork "Ahm Nom Nom Nomadinejad" : "Not a Cookie Monster, but a vote-eating monster."
  • A whole bunch of food bloggers — David Lebovitz, Elise Bauer (Simply Recipes), Matt Armendariz (Matt Bites), Jaden Hair (Steamy Kitchen), the White on Rice couple, and more! — got together and launched a pretty website with community/forum/blog/videos. Say hello to Good Bite.
  • Hot dogs hot dogs hot dogs: New York has a feature/slideshow on five fancy hot dogs in New York City. Serious Eats also runs a piece on New York dogs. And Bon Appetit goes global with their feature Around the World in 80 Dogs.
  • "Achievement unlocked: Kosher!" The Ghostbusters' video game has a secret challenge where you need to blow up a ham at a bar mitzvah with a proton pack. Tablet's writeup is funny: "It was time, I realized, to make a major decision about my identity. Was I a Jew first and a Ghostbuster second? Or was it the other way around? Do I catch the ghost? Or do I take care of the treyf?"


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