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  • Above, a hobby: A collection of stuck Tic Tacs
  • Obama Foodorama on the first official Luau ever held at the White House.
  • Gourmet offers more details about the upcoming Omnivore event in New York City: there'll be a series of demonstrations at the Alliance Française, a massive, free picnic in Central Park where "eight chefs will each contribute a dish," and what will likely shape up to be the most impossible-to-score reservations:

    On Monday, September 14th, David Chang will turn his three restaurants over to a remarkable lineup of chefs for an Omnivore event called “Four Fucking Dinners,” in honor of a word favored by Chang. Pascal Barbot from L’Astrance (the most impossible reservation in Paris), will be taking over the kitchen of Momofuku Ko (the most impossible reservation in New York); Inaki Aizpitarte, of Le Chateaubriand, will be at Momofuku Noodle Bar; and Alexandre Gauthier, the rising star of La Grenouilliere will be at Momofuku Ssam Bar with David Kinch, the stealthy genius behind Manresa in California... The fourth restaurant is WD-50, where Wylie Dufresne and Chang will be joined by Michel Bras.

There are some more details (but in French) at Omnivore.

Update: The picnic will be part of FIAF's "Crossing the Line" event. The press release (PDF) says it's going to be some strange "culinary-infused participatory dance event" in Central Park, September 12:

A fresh new take on some classic French traditions, the “bal populaire” and the “pique-nique” are reinvented as Crossing the Line is launched on the East Meadow in Central Park. Both established and emerging choreographers from France have specially created short new dances which are taught section by section to the public. As both audience and performers of the new work, participants get an insider’s look into the mechanics of contemporary choreography as well as the creative imagination of dance personalities. To sate the appetite of all these dancing feet, the Omnivore “brigade” will be creating special Crossing the Line Bento Boxes—a unique vision of the picnic with different elements created by innovative master chefs Inaki Aizpitarte, Alexandre Gauthier, Pascal Barbot, and Michel Bras from France, as well as New York’s David Chang and Wylie Dufresne.

And more details on the demonstrations at the FIAF on September 13:

A unique opportunity to explore the sublime and total sensory investigation of our world through some of the most transformative chefs of our times. Crossing the Line is partnering with Luc Dubanchet and his Omnivore team, based in France, bringing together the leading creators from the kitchens of New York and France for a series of events that enable participants to see, talk, taste, imagine, and meditate on some of the world’s most inspiring culinary creations. Events include a screening of the documentary, Inventing Cuisine: Michel Bras, followed by a conversation between legendary chef Michel Bras and culinary expert Julie Andrieu. Omnivore New York will culminate with Shadows and Light, onstage cooking “duets” that will pair American and French chefs for a live comparison of techniques and the exploration of new flavors and tastes. Duets will feature: Wylie Dusfresne and Inaki Aizpitarte; David Kinch and Pascal Barbot; and David Chang and Alexandre Gauthier.


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