Linksplodge 06/26/09

Photograph by Julio Duffoo

  • Above: The photography show "Meatpaper Portraits" by Julio Duffoo at 18 Reasons in San Francisco.
  • McSweeney's: Great moments in cinema ruined by cookies. [via Coldmud]
  • Midtown Lunch reports on the brewing New York City food truck turf war.
  • Slate has been running excerpts from Mike Steinberger's new book Au Revoir to All That: Food, Wine, and the End of France. The first on how the Michelin guide crippled France's restaurants, the second on how McDonald's conquered France.
  • Relatedly, the LA Times reports that Michelin won't be publishing a 2010 Las Vegas or Los Angeles editions of their restaurant guides.


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