More Top Chef Madness: Bravo's Late-Night Watch What Happens: Live

Bravo's got a new late-night show premiering Thursday, July 16th called Watch What Happens: Live, an "interactive series" (Read: online comments!) hosted by Bravo programming executive Andy Cohen, best known as the host of those innumerable reunion specials.

The press release informs us that "Cohen will sit down with guests from some of Bravo's most popular series, as well as from the world of entertainment, to chat about what has transpired on-air and in pop culture that week for a live half-hour full of viewer interaction."

And one thing we can all expect is Top Chef contestants, and because of that, it unfortunately means that it'll be required viewing for fans of the show.

Bravo's been addicted to the reality crack lately, running countless extra reunion and extended "director's cut" episodes of their Real Housewives franchises.

Plain and simple, this is a ratings grab by Bravo and a new gear in their celebrity-making machinery. But more devastatingly, it's a recognition that their "stars" are way too D-list (basic cable) to get onto regular late-night talk shows. Day-time talk shows, no problem (their bar is lower), but you'll probably never see any of the Real Housewives or Top Chef contestants like Fabio on Conan or Leno or Letterman.

Remember when Bravo was the artsy channel? Then Queer Eye happened, and boom.


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