Obama Goes to Five Guys [video]

Last night on NBC's broadcast of Inside the Obama White House, Brian Williams goes with Barack Obama on an "OTR," an off-the-record, off-campus trip to an undisclosed burger location (that turns out to be Five Guys) to pick up burgers for the White House staff. Amazing footage.

NBC also posted some unaired footeage online: After riding with Obama on the way to Five Guys, Brian Williams was put in another vehicle on the way back so that Obama could eat his lunch alone. Said Williams, "So the president is enforcing his right to eat a giant sloppy lunch by his lonesome in the backseat of his car. It's one of the privileges that comes with job."

Update: TMZ purports to have the entire order.

Video: Inside the Obama White House: Five Guys

Video: Online Extra: The Ride to Five Guys

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