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'Not so Little Riding Hood' by Dina Goldstein [photography]

'Not so Little Riding Hood' by Dina Goldstein. Photo via
Here's the photograph "Not so Little Riding Hood" by Dina Goldstein, part IV of her "Fallen Princesses" series, where "'...happily ever after' is replaced with a realistic outcome and addresses current issues." Fairy tale characaters are reimagined as morbidly obese, alcoholics, cancer victims, housewives, [...]

Offal of the Week: Trotters

Photo by Ryan Adams
Every Friday, we bring you Offal of the Week: an up-close and personal look at one of the less-familiar parts of the animal. Delivered fresh by Ryan Adams of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, we highlight a different cut of meat that you've always wanted to make, but were afraid [...]

Peter Sagal, Host of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, Tweets About Stealing Bananas from Airport Lounge, Gets Busted

Peter Sagal, the host of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me told the world about his pilfering of bananas from a United Airlines lounge when he tweeted: "Another day, another Red Carpet Club, another shocking number of bananas stuffed into my bag."

2009 Royal Ascot Hats [food fashion]

Ladies' Day at the 2009 Royal Ascot is a fashion show and hat spectacular. Every year there are food hats galore, and this year was no different.

British Parliament Food Expenses Exposed! [scandals]

So apparently this is a big deal in the UK: A year ago the High Court ordered the release of expense reports of British Parliament members. Back in May, The Daily Telegraph got their hands on the database before it was released by buying a disc from a mole, and the paper ran story after [...]

Violent Commercials for Wilkins Coffee by Jim Henson [video]

Here's a whole series of dark and funny commercials for Wilkins Coffee made by Jim Henson during the late 1950s and early 1960s featuring the proto-Muppets Wilkins, who liked the coffee, and Wontkins, who didn't care for it. In each of the ten-second commercials, Wilkins does some serious harm to Wontkins, electrocuting him, hitting him [...]

99 Problems and Whiskey Ain't One: 99 Drams of Whiskey by Kate Hopkins [review]

Kate Hopkins is a writer best known for her blog, Accidental Hedonist, which chronicles her interest in and consumption of all things food and drink. Out of this website came Hopkins's book, 99 Drams of Whiskey: The Accidental Hedonist's Quest for the Perfect Shot and the History of the Drink (buy on Amazon), not a [...]

Royal Ascot Hats [food fashion]

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
The Royal Ascot is one of the important events on the British social calendar — there's royalty and horse-racing involved! — and the fashion parade on Ladies' Day, traditionally Thursday, is when the spectacle of hats occurs. According to the Royal Ascot dress code, "hats or a substantial fascinator must be worn [...]

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