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Fake TV chef Kenny Goldsmith, a conman in the extreme, claimed to have held a Michelin star and trained under Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver — and managed to get himself on TV in the UK. After swindling unsuspecting gastropub owners and a series of bounced checks, now he's headed to jail.
Your new favorite [...]

Japanese Robo-Chefs to Feed, Replace Us All [video]

Here are some videos from Tokyo's International Food Machinery and Technology Expo from last week. Watch a robot enthusiastically make "okonomiyaki" aka Japanese pancakes! The creepy artificial human hand serving sushi! The robot slicing cucumbers faster than any human could ever reasonably and safely slice! The Roomba-like table-topped robot that serve drinks and take orders [...]

Who the Hell Is Kelly Choi? [biographies]

Photograph via
Last Wednesday we all finally got our reality cooking show fix when Bravo rolled out Top Chef Masters. Hooray, we thought, real chefs! Real food! Here come Hubert Keller and Tim Love! James Oseland, Gael Greene, and Jay Rayner as judges! And Kelly Choi! Wait ... huh? Who? Yeah, we didn’t know who [...]

Splayd Data Visualization Chart

Chart via The Ragbag
The Ragbag is at it again, this time with this brilliant data visualization chart that explores the function and performance of a splayd (a knife/fork/spoon hybrid) when confronted with various foodstuffs.
He concludes: "were i to ascribe percentages i would say that the splayd is 50% fork, 40% spoon and 10% knife—which leaves [...]

Mobile Urban Agriculture: 'Movable Garden' by Greg Stewart [food art]

Greg Stewart, "Movable Garden," 2009
Here's the latest in urban agriculture: mobile gardens that allow you to be the ultimate locavore by taking it with you.
As part of the exhibition "Beast or By Product: Food Shelter Clothing" by Greg Stewart at the Dean Project in Queens (the show closed last week — sorry!), several small pullcart [...]

Anti-Stab Knives for the UK

Photograph from
What the UK lacks in gun crime, they sure do make up with knives! (Apparently 30% of murders in the UK are committed with pointy bits of metal.) So what's a knife-inclined industrial designer to do? Make some non-stabby knives, of course, which is exactly what John Cornock did. After watching a BBC [...]

El Pollo Loco Calls Out KFC for Beef Powder in Their 'Grilled' Chicken [video]

We're totally loving El Pollo Loco's commercial that takes KFC to task for its sins against fast food: one, for claiming that their chicken is "grilled" when it's cooked on a grill rack in an oven, and two, for using beef powder and rendered beef fat in their marinade:
We checked out their website and found [...]

Adorable Illustrations in Peas! by Andrew Cullen [children's books]

All images via The Puffin Blog
Coming this July from British publisher Puffin (preorder on is the painfully adorable children's book Peas!: It's Not Easy Being Peas-y, notable not only for its literary love of legumes but also for its delightful retro-modern illustrations, done by Simon Rickerty.

Peas! follows the adventures of Pete and Penelope Pea, [...]

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