Saveur's Merri Lee Kingsly Clarifies the Magazine's Not-Blog

A few days ago, we took Saveur's announcement of a website upgrade that included an "aggregator" as an indication that they were announcing a blog. The magazine's publisher, Merri Lee Kingsly, very patiently set us straight.

"We’re relaunching our Web site in August," she confirmed to us, but that thing we were very sillily referring to as a blog? No no: it's a content aggregator. "The goal of the new is to become the food filter of the Web, through the lens of what Saveur does best: seeking out stories from around the globe that weave together culture, tradition and people through the language of food. Our editors will carefully curate the new with aggregate content from around the world, whether it’s finding the most authentic tamale recipe, the best travel guide of New Orleans, or an exclusive feature from a writer on some amazing vineyards in South Africa. This aggregate content may come from websites, blogs or contributing writers to Saveur or"

Um. Isn't that a blog? "Let me give you an example of why it wouldn’t be a blog," Kingsly offered. "If had an amazing chicken recipe that our editors though was truly authentic and very Saveur-like… we probably would link it to the site." Nope, still feeling the blog thing. Anything else? "Saveur's readers are an incredibly engaged community and want more and more content, which is what we’ll deliver on a daily basis ... I think readers will visit the site first for Saveur content and then they can come back for aggregated Saveur-like edit. The idea is to keep giving fresh material with our screen of how we see the world of food."

Okay, we'll buy this: if the editorialized aggregated content (which Kingsly tells us is scheduled to be updated on a daily basis) isn't on a page with a single feed, and instead functions as kind of a Saveur-oligarchic Digg, highlighting what the editors are into — okay, maybe that's not a blog. But it's definitely blog-like. And we kind of like the idea.

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