TasteStopping: TasteSpotting's Rejects

We're liking the website TasteStopping (tagline: "Feasting on seconds!") that happily posts rejects from the "elite" food photography sites. In their own words:

Our moderation process is simple: if your photo of food or a food-related subject has been rejected, declined or otherwise spurned by one of the myriad “elite” sites out there (ahem..TasteSpotting, FoodGawker, PhotoGrazing…ahem), send it to us. We’ll publish it with any link you want!

They make it more fun by including the reasons given when rejected. The above photograph of the graduation cake was rejected by Tastespotting for "unflattering composition. not sharp" and rejected by Foodgawker for "Harsh lighting and/or overexposed."

[via MegaNom]

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