The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama [book review]

We got our hands on The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama (yeah, it's at Amazon), and, in a word, whoa. Sorry, TCB Cafe Publishing/Taste TV, but is this a joke? The book is constructed from dozens and dozens of uncredited photos, screengrabs from YouTube, a random smattering of quotes, and menus and photos from the public domain. All laid out haphazardly, on super-cheap paper, and, from the looks of it, printed on an inkjet printer from the mid-1990s. Basically, this is cutting and pasting on an epic scale. We do not recommend.

The Obama Menu is a bald attempt to cash in on the Obama food craze. And for $14.95, it's a total ripoff. Read the very fine Obama Foodorama — completely free! — instead.

That said, the idea is a good one — but we find the execution lacking, and frankly, a little disrespectful.

The press release warns: "Spoiler alert: Multiple appearances by food guru Alice Waters and the journey to the utlimate organic White House vegetable garden!" By "multiple appearances" we assume they meant that the book reuses the same Alice Waters photo three times, and in one instance misspells her name.

So the reader can make an informed decision, here are a whole bunch of photos of the book:

Following President Obama on the campaign trail and into the early months of his presidency, The Obama Menu is just a big compilation of quotes from campaign speeches and media appearances, press releases, straight-up listings of fundraiser dinners, random photos of celebrities, menus and recipes from events and dinners. There's even the recipe for the Obama Family Chili.

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