The Palm Pre Can Slice Cheese [video]

Multitasking, universal search, and iTunes syncing are nice features of the Pre, Palm's latest entrant in the mobile phone market — but the killer app, the one that truly sets it apart, is its ability to slice cheese. It's been getting decent reviews, but in Gizmodo's review, they took issue with the Pre's physical design, calling it "irresponsibly sharp":

Nowhere—not on the iPhone, the G1, the G2 or any of HTC's other smartphones—has a phone been so threatening to the integrity of my skin. If you're pushing up screen from the bottom of the phone, as you'd instinctively want to do, prepare to get sliced.

To prove their point, they posted a video of them slicing cheese with the phone:

Gizmodo: Slicing Cheese with the Palm Pre

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