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Top Chef the magazine is coming. Mediabistro dropped the bomb on a partnership between Food & Wine magazine and Bravo's Top Chef in a post about "media synergy" or whatever:

Ellen Stone, Bravo's SVP of marketing, told the Mediabistro Circus audience that the cable channel works closely with Food & Wine to promote both brands: Gail Simmons, who works for the magazine, appears on Top Chef as a judge, and the magazine, which is published by American Express Publishing, covers the show on its edit pages. The two are even working together to create a "Top Chef" magazine, Stone said.

What's the takeaway here? We can't help but wonder if this project evolved because Food & Wine's prominent placement on the show didn't do all that much to sell extra copies of the magazine, and this is a logical progression to get more ad pages in front of readers' eyes.

Expect pages upon pages of fauxhawks and Glad bags.

Since print is supposed to be dead, this is a little surprising, but with the recent (and rather successful) launches of magazines like Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade and Food Network Magazine, it's obvious Top Chef the magazine could do pretty well and pull in a lot of print media advertising dollars for Bravo. Stone continued:

Brand is everything. You're going to push your brand as far as it can go, but you don't want to take it too far. So you're going to go through all the channels to make sure that this isn't going to hurt you in some way.

We have a hard time believing this though. This from the network with four series of Real Housewives (Orange County, Atlanta, NYC, New Jersey) and another on the way (DC)? We've already got Top Chef and now Top Chef Masters, with a Top Chef Junior planned? At what point do you reach brand oversaturation?

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