What Kind of Wedding Cake Does Heidi Montag Want? [The Hills, video]

Why were we watching The Hills? Like, duh, it was the season finale and OMG Heidi and Spencer got married, and LC showed up and everyone like cried and it was beautiful and amazing and we're like so happy because they're so happy!

Here's a clip where Heidi Montag was talking about what kind of wedding cake she wanted. Be sure to note that Stephanie is so totally reading a script when she asks about the cake. A brilliant exchange:

Stephanie: What kind of cake do you want?

Heidi: Like, white chocolate, mousse, truffle, vanilla, you know, with the berries in it. A princess cake.

Stephanie: You just named so many flavors.

Heidi: Like, I want it to be the best cake anyone's ever had, because that's the most important part, you know, of the whole thing, really.

We let the video run a little longer because Heidi smacks down Stephanie, informing her that she doesn't get to be the maid of honor.

Video: Heidi Montag on Wedding Cakes

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