Activists Want Lemonade, Not Beer at White House Beer Summit

liquor1Religious temperance crazies are going to picket the White House, asking President Barack Obama to opt for lemonade instead of beer when he meets today with Sgt. James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates Jr, reports The Washington Post.

The protest is organized by Rocky Twyman, the pastor of Rising Sun Baptist Church of Baltimore and founder of Pray at the Pump, an organization that held group prayers for divine intervention to lower fuel prices. Twyman suggested that Obama's presidency is all beer's fault: "Studies show that alcoholism leads our previous youth to use harder drugs like cocaine that is responsible for vicious youth crimes, especially in inner-city America that gave Obama large electoral margins."

[via Indecision Forever]

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  1. Bob

    is that quote just a little rascist? drunk junkies for obama!

    "beer is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy"
    --Ben Franklin, our greatest president...

  2. dcc

    Ben Franklin was great but he never was president. Perhaps some lemonade is in order for Bob...

  3. tonya

    It's like this: if that Pray at the Pump stuff actually lowers gas prices, his protest against beer will have some merit in my eyes. Otherwise, get the hell off my lawn so I can enjoy my microbrew in peace!

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