Animated Infographic Sponsored by Hellmann's Urges People to Eat Locally


Here's the video "Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real," part of Hellmann's Canadian "Eat Real. Eat Local" campaign. Expertly produced by Crush (read an interview with the director), this is localwashing at its best — the corporate parent to Hellmann's is, of course, Unilever.

The statistics regarding food importation and its effects on farmland and the environment are pretty damning, and the message is pretty universal, but we're not sure what sandwich spread has to do with eating locally. Local by association, we presume.

Video: Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real

[via Metafilter]

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  1. Helen

    Those little blue-banded annotations look awfully similar to the (kind of dumb) in-line comments that Miracle Whip is promoting right now.

  2. Maj

    Eat local! As long as it's not our mayonnaise. Buy that at Costco.

  3. cheezy_poof

    It is incredibly difficult to eat local except in maybe in the summers. I attempt on each grocery outing to buy local on a budget. I live in Vancouver, Canada and buy my breads from a shop, meat grown in Canada (if I do buy meat) and my veggies and fruit I buy Canadian. However on a budget I end up with 1/4 of what I could get if I buy American or South American food. I do buy American Citrus and used to buy American pineapple until I discovered they all changed over to the Philipines. I buy local because of recalls and standard questions but still I wonder how much better Canada and the USA are. How much is checked, how much is safe? Anyway I need to go look for a second job so I can pay for all those hot house veggies in the winter.

  4. dk

    @cheezy-poof Sounds like you need to eat seasonal as well!

  5. Stephen

    I do recall seeing something about UK farmers being angry about NZ lamb or butter being imported and using Carbon miles as an excuse to eat local, but it turned out that the production and shipping of the NZ product had a smaller carbon footprint than the local UK product.

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