Banksy 'Donuts' Prints on Sale


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The gallery Pictures on Walls has just made available 30 x 22 inch prints of Banksy's "Donuts," which recently debuted at his Bristol City Museum exhibit. Only 598 copies are available — 299 each of chocolate and strawberry flavors — through a lottery that runs through Tuesday at noon. Whether you're a cop who'll do anything to guard his snack of choice, or a food truck vendor tired of being harassed, you might just get the privilege of paying £465 (~$760) for a print.

Adam Robb

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  1. Dan

    That is probably the best donut art I've seen in a while, I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it wasn't so expensive.

  2. Xenia

    It's got that snazzy Simpsons-meets-1984 vibe.

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