Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream and Cake Commercial [video]


Here's a commercial for Baskin-Robbins that AdFreak appropriately calls "brain-drilling," using the song "Ice Cream and Cake" by The Buckwheat Boyz, who were responsible for the internet meme song "Peanut Butter Jelly Time." Depending on your outlook on things, this is either a funny and joyous celebration of ice cream and cake, or aggravating and pointlessly loud.

[via AdFreak]

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  1. James

    Ice Cream and Cake. Do the Ice Cream and Cake. Ice Cream and Cake. Do the Ice Cream and Cake. Make it stop!

  2. Zora Neale Thurston

    This is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

  3. I love this commercial!!!!!!!! its my favorite!! its so upbeat and fun!!

  4. NIka Willis

    i was looking for that song for a long time thanks

  5. Amber

    I love this commercial too!! I am 33 yrs old with no kids, but every time I see it I want to get up and dance to the song and get some ice cream!! Genius commercial advertising. I had been wondering who made the song. I thought it might be Eminem at first because it is brilliant, but now I know it is by the the Buckwheat Boyz. Kudos to them.

  6. Abu

    Everyone who likes this commercial is obviously insane. This is the dumbest, most annoying ad ive ever seen. The whole marketing dept. for B-R should respectfully resign because they obviously dont take their jobs seriously. This commercial drives everyone i know insane and we've even stopped watching FOOD network bc we cant handle hearing those annoying voices.

  7. Jeff

    Love this commercial! Great advertising ploy - since it is obviously addictive and has lots of people talking about it. I want to run out and buy some ice cream!!

  8. Nancy

    I love it. It's Great.

  9. Kali

    Everytime this commercial comes on, I can't help but smile. I love it!

  10. Dawn

    I think that commercial is hilarious. I dance to it every time it comes on!

  11. Kelli Fisher

    It's stuck in my head!!!! Love it!!!! Abu and Linda need to get a sense of humor!!!

  12. Dawn

    Abu, lighten up, sweetie. Life's too short to be a fuddy-duddy!

  13. kebert_Xela

    I think its peanut butter jelly time! ô¿ô Now where you at?

  14. Mandy

    "Ice cream and cake, do the ice cream and cake!" This commercial is great! I have had the song stuck in my head since it came out!

  15. osa

    the dinosaur is adorable

  16. kloe

    i think the guy that falls off the cake is cute!!!!!

  17. BigDaddy

    The "whole marketing dept. for B-R should respectfully resign" ?? You have to be kidding me? It's a great marketing piece that grabs your attention and now we are all talking about it! Score one for BR!! Ice Cream and Cake. Do the Ice Cream and Cake. Ice Cream and Cake. Do the Ice Cream and Cake!

  18. long john bigg daddy

    this song is the shit abu and linda are on crack jus wanna dance and shout ice cream and cake

  19. teamedward!!

    i love this commercial!!! we use this song at camp all the team so i think its amazing!!!! ice cream and cake cake cake ice cream and cake cake cake!!!!

  20. Debbie Rau

    I was at my sister's house for dinner and and then we got in to the wine. At the end of the night she was telling me about this commerical that Baskin Robbins has on the weather channel. She not only told me, she showed me the cheerleader dance, mind you she is 48 and I am 51. Another glass of wine and I was doing the cheerleader dance also. Her husband said the wine must be kicking in. I had to turn the computer on this morning and try to find the commerical on the internet and while looking I had the weather channel on just so I could possibly catch it, and I did. It is pretty funny. I like the part about the boy playing soccer and falling off the cake also. I called my sister and told her that I did get to see it, but I thought our moves were a little better. We were both pom pom girs in high school.

  21. deeev

    I will neither confirm nor deny any urge to dance or any addiction to this commercial whatsoever! Nor was I googling for it when I found it!

  22. Mark X

    The commercial is genius because it's obviously cheap, catchy (though annoying to some, including my wife) and laser focused on the unique/core product of B&R. Calculated? Not sure -- I immediately imagined some jr. marketing guy assigned to make a commercial with a near zero budget. In despair he gets stoned with a buddy, gets the munchies, so they unlock a B&R to get some ice cream cake. While eating they start playing with the toy figures and listening to music. "Dude, do you know what would be so cool . . . ?!!" Genius.

  23. Rhonda

    I almost never google commercials, but this one nabbed me. It makes me just want to dance and demand ice cream and cake! And I'm 41 years old! Gotta love summer, and thanks BR!

  24. John

    All of the people that like this commercial prove that the downfall of society is upon us. I have given up on mankind.

  25. Ms. Molina

    Love this song....I dance everytime I hear this song.....It makes me want to get ice cream.......I love this commercial....

  26. Rod

    I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL!!! I'm listening and dancing right now. (Maybe I need help.)

  27. Val

    My entire family hates this commercial. We mute it, every time it plays.

  28. I love this commercial... everytime my son sees hears this commercial coming on the tv he comes running in the room and starts cracking up laughing he absolutely love it... I looked for it on the the internet so I can load it to my computer so my son can watch it anytime he wants....

  29. I love the little figures dancing especially the dinosaur and the astronaut soo soo funny yes I am 34 and I like funny commercials I have two kids I have to like silly funny things...

  30. MadCow

    My 7 month old LOVES that commercial. When he hears it he stops what he's doing and laughs at it. lol

  31. Jen

    This is the most obnoxious, annoying commercial ever! I change the channel when it comes on. I will be switching my preference to Dairy Queen as long as this absurd nonsense continues!

  32. K.D.Wade

    Got the OLD FOLKS up dancing to the commercial!!! Over 40 and my brother and I get up each time it comes on! LUV IT!

  33. Willy

    I'm 52 y.o. and I love it! I especially like the dancing dinosaur. This commercial is marketing genius!

  34. tony

    Here's an oft-quoted quip from an anonymous ad executive during the golden years of Madison Avenue (think 'Mad Men'):

    "Fifty percent of all advertising works. We just don't know which fifty percent."

    I think the range of comments above bears this out pretty closely....and I'm getting out of advertising.

  35. toy

    Every time I hear this song on the t.v. I get excited like a little kid and I want to dance around. Thank god no one is around to see the horror of a 30 year old dancing to Ice cream & cake.

  36. Leah

    This commercial is marketing genius. Yes, it can be annoying. But it's annoying only to those who feel they are above the urge they feel to wiggle and dance and grin at the song when it comes on. It's annoying to those who feel they are too "grown-up" for ice cream and cake. It's annoying to those who have forgotten what it's like to enjoy certain things in life the way we did when we were kids. Because they have to put effort into NOT liking it.

    I think it's genius. My 3 year old adores it and it makes my whole family, my 47 year old parents included, jam when it comes on. BR - a bazillion Fuddy Duddies - 0!

    • Jon mama

      No, Leah, you're quit wrong. This lame, wretched song is extremely annoying to those who hate rap voices and hip-hop in general, and those who like well written, creative tunes. Why would someone not like a song because they feel they're too old for ice cream and cake? That makes zero sense.
      Think before you type, dummy.

  37. Bota

    My kids love this commercial. My 1 and a half year old thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. At least he would if he knew the difference between whole or sliced.

  38. chris

    its as good if not better than the old 7 up commercials(you put the lime in the cocounut and shake it all up)song.we play it at the nitclub all the time

  39. HasjDreamer

    BEST commercial EVER! I laugh at its stupidity and wind up singing it all day annoying everyone around me. Having NEVER heard the song before the BR commercial, I knew from the moment it came on IT WAS A CLASSIC!

  40. TigiOma

    I LOVE this commercial! It always perks me up when I hear it =)

  41. Cynthia Darrington

    Love the pilgrim hat version that's currently running. I love this commercial & I know better. All the while I realize it's irritating & I truly hate that in every OTHER commercial. It's the dancing dinosaur that sells it, and they need to merchandise this as a corporate logo.

  42. I am 65 years old and I love the rap commercial. In fact, I want to surprise my grandkids and do it word-by-word for them. They really won't be surprised...they know me.

  43. Kai

    My son and I love it!!!! This is the ONLY commercial I don't change the channel...

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