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Hello friends,

Due to popular demand, we're enabling commenting.

It's always been our hope that our posts engender a thoughtful, candid, lively, and quality discourse, and it feels like the right time to let said discourse happen right here on the site. We know our readers are intelligent and lovely people who want nothing else other than to interact with their ilk.

Technical note #1: Registration won't be required, but for the time being, first-time comments will need to be approved, based on your name/email address pairing. After that, you're in. (Do not fret if your first comment does not appear immediately, we'll do our best to be quick about it.)

Technical note #2: If you want a snazzy, personalized user icon to appear next to your comment, your email address should be registered with the Gravatar service. It's pretty universal and easy to set up if you haven't already.

We don't feel the need to have a formal commenting policy in place — but we do ask that you follow basic etiquette: stay on topic, don't troll, don't self-link or spam, don't leave unproductive "That sucks!" non-contributions. In short: play well with others. It saddens us to make such a request, but this is The Internet after all.

You all seem like such a smart bunch of people. Why not say hello?

—Your friends at Eat Me Daily



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  1. A welcome feature! Thanks for letting us share our thoughts on the very interesting topics with others.

  2. Now I can share my thoughts with someone who cares instead of being ignored by my sister.

  3. J

    Yaaaaaaaay! (<-- I realize this doesn't add to the conversation, per se, but I'm going to take this first post to allow guttural expressions of pure joy)

  4. fumbling around

    Finally, some good news!

  5. Esteban

    Congratulations, and welcome to 2004!

  6. sweeet. And about time!

  7. Jim

    Hello! There. I said it.

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