Controversy Churns Over Michael Jackson Butter Statue at Iowa‎ State Fair

Photo via ABC News

The Iowa State Fair is known for its butter sculptures, and for this year's fair (August 13-23), the theme is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's moonwalk (including a "buttery rendition of the surface of the moon").

Given the magnitude of Michael Jackson's death, fair organizers gleefully announced that of course they would be honoring Jackson by adding his buttery likeness to the display "as the first pop-star to perfect and popularize choreographed moonwalking." Some people were offended (too soon!), so the organizers have decided to open it up to an online vote.

Absolutely not to our surprise, even PETA is getting involved in the controversy, calling for the statue to be made out of Earth Balance, a dairy-free natural "buttery" spread, instead. Says PETA: "Michael devoted much of his life and fortune to children's health charities, and the notion of promoting artery-clogging butter to young passersby is quite the opposite of 'healing the world' — and enough to make Mike roll over in his golden casket."

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  1. rantboy

    Not interested in the Iowa State Fair butter sculptures or MJ either way, but Peta always know how to get right up my nose. Have they read any of the research that indicates that "artery clogging butter", eaten in moderation, has a much lower chance of giving you cancer than hydrogenated vegetable oils? Self-righteous loons.

  2. cornelius

    I couldn't agree more. PETA are a bunch of hypocritical idiots... and their naked protests are never naked!! I'd be more likely to join them if their activists were truly naked... and covereed in butter.

  3. LusciousLuce

    I think this is a great idea. After all, MJ was a tremendous fan of butter. He was often heard to remark on how much he enjoyed the taste of Duck butter - I believe that's a brand name

  4. Jesus Juice

    I heard he enjoyed a glass of Jesus Juice and some duck-butter on warm fresh buns

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