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Premiering August 7th on the Food Network is Chef vs City, a sort of culinary Amazing Race featuring Aarón Sanchez (Centrico and Paladar in NYC) and Chris Cosentino (Incanto and Boccalone in SF). Sanchez and Cosentino will "challenge two local foodies in an action-packed food adventure to locate that city's biggest, boldest, most unexpected food places."

The show's website has finally been updated with some information, but they're being a little stingy on the details. Searching the web and mining Food Network's website, we know that episodes will be set in the following cities: New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and New Orleans. And here's what we know so far, episode by episode:

August 7th - New York City (show page)

Description: "In the premiere episode of Chefs Vs. City, Food Network Chefs, Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino hit the streets of New York to battle fellow network stars, Kelsey Nixon and Claire Robinson."

The show's website says they'll be "eating the spiciest curry in all of NYC," so we can safely assume that they'll be taking the Phaal Challenge at Brick Lane Curry House (see video from Man v Food).

But for real? What is the Food Network doing pitting Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino, two great chefs, against Kelsey Nixon and Claire Robinson? Kelsey Nixon, you may remember, was eliminated in episode seven of The Next Food Network Star season four and who's currently hosting the Food 2 online-only show Kelsey & Spike Cook (with Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef season four), and Claire Robinson, of the newish show 5 Ingredient Fix (see video here), so far only has a season of six episodes under her belt (another season starts soon). Food Network just had to bring their low-grade personalities into the mix.


August 14th - Las Vegas (show page)

Description: "In this episode of Chefs Vs City Food Network stars, Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino go head to head against two of Las Vegas top chefs, Stephen Hopcraft and Santanna Salas, Chef and Pastry Chef at MGM's Seablue restaurant."

They'll be "braving the coldest room in Las Vegas," which we assume is the Minus 5 Ice Bar, a bar made completely out of ice.


August 21st - Chicago (show page)

Description: "In this episode, Food Network chefs, Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino go up against Chicago born and raised, restaurateur brothers, Gregg [sic] and Joey Morelli."

They're up against Greg and Joey Morelli of Joey’s Brickhouse (tagline: "We're Italian Jews, which means beside bickering, we're into food"). From a photo set on Flickr we find out they're engaged in some sort of competition at Superdawg, the historic drive-in hot dog stand.


August 28th - San Francisco (show page)

Description: "Food Network stars, Aaron Sanchez and Chris Costenino, are in Chris' own hometown, San Francisco competing against local chefs, Anna Wankel and Melissa Perello in five Bay Area food challenges."


Air date unknown - Los Angeles (show page)

Description: "It's a Los Angeles chowhound, smack down as Food Network stars Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino hit the streets of Hollywood to compete against two of LA's top local foodies, Amy Powell, the owner of Big Ed's Gourmet Hot Dogs and Nino Linsmayer, owner of Food Lab Café Catering.

"In this action packed episode of Chefs Vs City, the team's battle it out in five unusual food challenges. From stomping grapes at a Hollywood vineyard to tasting unusual flavors in exotic truffles they'll experience the LA food scene in a completely unique way. This fast paced food adventure also includes a local hot spot called Chili My Soul, that serves up a chili so hot that few are able to finish it; Bangkok Market in Thai town where the teams make a smoothie using Durian, one of the most offensive fruits in the world; and finally Marisols, a famous Mexican restaurant at the edge of the Santa Monica pier where the competitors make and sell tacos."


Air date unknown - Boston (show page)

Description: "It's a fierce competition right from the start, as Food Network stars Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino compete against Boston brothers, Peter and Robert Depesa, professional chefs and owners of Focaccia Restaurant. Fighting for the ultimate chowhound bragging rights, these two teams must endure five unusual food challenges. From a traditional New England clambake to devouring a world famous chocolate buffet, they'll discover new, over the top ways to eat classic Boston fare. And the competition heats up when the teams go head to head to create a giant version of a Boston Creme pie!"


Air date unknown - New Orleans (show page)

Description: "Food network chefs, Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino battle it out against two of New Orleans best, locals Alfred Singleton and Stephanie Bernard, chef and pastry chef at Dickie Brennens Steak House. Throughout the competition the teams encounter alligators, battle crawfish, and face off against feisty blue crabs. But the real challenge comes when they have to make and eat traditional southern recipes made entirely from bugs!"

We'll update this page as we find out more.

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