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Doodlebread is a home baking kit that makes loaves of bread with colorful shapes baked into on each slice. Based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland, designer and baker Rose Kane made the Doodlebread with the aim at getting kids baking bread. The kit comes with a silicon baking tin, a durable "squisher," and "doodle shaper," and uses natural colors and flavors.

We're loving the design aesthetic of the logo and illustrations by Magic Marker Design, and the charming website and instructional videos. Oh, and they have a great blog and they're on Twitter and Flickr, too.

£16.50 in the UK and Ireland, £22 (~$36) for the kit plus postage to USA and the rest of the world. But if you're too lazy to bake your own bread, she also sells loaves at a farmers market in Belfast.

Video: Doodlebread Animation

—Raphael Brion

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