Gordon Ramsay's Thugs Will Beat Your Ass [video]

ramsay-beats-your-assOn last night's Hell's Kitchen, the anticipated fight between Gordon Ramsay and the contestant Joseph (disappointingly) did not end in fisticuffs.

It played out as so: In this corner, Joseph, 27, Long Island native, ex-Marine, and totally unbalanced. In the other corner, Gordon Ramsay, 43, the Scottish southpaw, ten-time consecutive London Marathon runner, a man who's eaten the still-beating heart of a puffin. Plus two burly security guards who swooped in by his side to defend him. Guess who walks out shamefully?

Hell's Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay's Thugs to the Rescue

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  1. Well wasn't this just a disaster waiting to happen?

  2. Regardless of what is/isn't staged on this show, I bet if it really came down to it, Ramsay would take that guy, not sic his "thugs" on him.

    I recently read Marco Pierre White's "Devil in the Kitchen" and White spent so much time recounting what a hothead Ramsay was back in the day - how he would up and battle with anyone - I just don't think you lose that. Would've been funny to see things escalate, but I think Ramsay handled himself well with... with that other hothead in the given situation.

    "Watch your step." hehe.

  3. JR

    I think that Joseph made a good (albeit unhinged) point. After someone on the show actually stood up for themselves when they were treated unreasonably and disrespectfully, I can't watch it anymore. Human driftwood begging and crying for another forty minutes on television suddenly has no appeal when juxtaposed with something that even looks like dignity. This show screams, "Stanford Prison Experiment".

  4. JarJarDrinks

    I think it was Robert who chimed in about how Ramsay is trying to get the best out of him... that is exactly the point a lunatic like Joseph can't fathom. Is Ramsay an unfettered egomaniac? Oh hell yes, but count up those Michelin stars and hunker down for the ride and see if you can't learn something, Joseph.

    A) If you become a contestant and you've never seen how Ramsay acts and don't know you're in for an assload of abuse and humiliation, you're an idiot.

    B) If you think mouthing off, looking insane and unbalanced doesn't hurt your off-air career options, you're an idiot.

    C) If you're a former Marine and survivor (presumably?) of basic training and can't recognize a mind game when you see it, well, you're an idiot.

    That said, I'm surprised he's gone. They usually keep the entertaining but useless driftwood around (Hi Lacey!) a lot longer so that we viewers can throw our hands in the air and curse at the TV.

  5. Zero Wolf

    Did anyone really not see this coming? Eventually someone was gonna snap and put Ramsay in his place. Should Joseph have just answered Ramsay's questions? Of course. Was he out of line? Yes. On the flip side, Ramsay had that confrontation coming; you can only treat people like crap for so long before you're gonna try it with the wrong person.

    My favorite moment? When Ramsay says: "you think I'm scared?". Damn right he was scared, hence the two security guards who came to his rescue. That ex-Marine would have beat 27 different kinds of pain into Ramsay if given the chance, and Ramsay knew it.

    The way Ramsay berates people is unacceptable, reality TV or not. I've worked in many kitchens in my time, both high and low end, and that type of behavior in a real setting (read: without cameras around), would get you flogged, and tossed out on your ass. I've had chefs yell at me before, sometimes because I messed up, other times out of stress - but Ramsay's behavior casts a bad shadow on the entire food service industry, kinda like the way Judge Judy makes the entire notion of justice *snicker*, look trite.

    Ramsay, if you read this, I'll be eagerly waiting for the day someone walks up to you and drills your straight in the mouth. Maybe it'll make you think twice about who you may be insulting.

    Until that day, keep it up. You're doing a great job being on the forefront of the dumbing down of society, you prat.

    - M

  6. Steven R. Smith

    I'm a former Marine and Joseph, my friends, is a disgraceful angry kid who claims to be a former marine, as well. His conduct is unbecoming of anyone no matter what branch of service they are from, including everyday society. Marines DO NOT act that way. I dare wonder if he even made it through bootcamp? Gordon Ramsay thank you for conducting yourself the way you do; as you command respect and deserve it for the opportunity you provide to aspiring chefs.

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