Linksplodge 07/01/09

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  • The Telegraph runs an in-depth preview of Heston Blumenthal's new "Alice in Wonderland menu" — a menu that seems to have taken dishes directly from his television series Heston's Feasts, especially the mock turtle soup (see the video we posted). Beyond season two of Heston's Feasts, we also find out that he's apparently working on another TV series in which he improves hospital food.
  • The LA Times' Daily Dish blog reports that a wine bar is threatening to sue Eater LA/Curbed for running a negative and potentially defamatory post regarding the wine bar's sanitation and food sourcing, based entirely on an anonymous tip.
  • The Guardian researches the "bitchy annotations" that Elizabeth David added to cookbooks, and they discover what she calls "just about the most revolting dish ever devised": an "Italian salad" that combines cooked macaroni, cooked or tinned pears, grated raw carrot, French dressing, minced onion, and cooked or minced string beans. Somebody make this dish and report back!
  • We're tired of Obama and organic and gardens, but since we appreciate a good infographic, here's Good's infographic of the White House Garden.
  • Mario Batali's genome is to be decoded on the PBS series "Faces of America." [via The Food Section]


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