Linksplodge 07/10/09

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  • We liked the above print ad for Yo Sushi by Volcano in South Africa.
  • Stuff white people like Grub Street likes: complaining that their iPhones die too often while they're eating risotto.
  • The Telegraph runs the recipe for April Bloomfield's Spotted Pig burger.
  • Mark Bittman ranks #8 in Mediaite's Power Grid for Print / Online Columnists, above Arianna Huffington at #9, Karl Rove at #12, and Frank Bruni at #59. The algorithm, based on criteria such as print circulation, "Technorati ranking, Unique Online Visitors to the site of their associated publication, online buzz of proper name, Blogs Buzz of proper name, and Twitter followers," clearly needs some tweaking.
  • Ben Leventhal in a piece for Details, "Has Bacon Mania Gone Too Far?," writes: "The only bad thing about the pork product is the cult of assholes who've made it their god." Bonus Josh Ozersky quote: "Bacon is a Thai brothel on an egg plate."


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