Linksplodge 07/13/09


  • The meme-tastic hamburger bed is up for sale on Ebay. Buy the bed, and you get the Facebook fan page with over 12,000 followers. It will likely sell for one million dollars. [via Geekologie]
  • Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker explains the evolutionary reasons as to why you are fat.
  • Bourdain is back blogging, with details on the upcoming season, including the working title for the sequel to the Food Porn special: "HOT 'N' NASTY FOOD SLUTS 2"
  • with a piece on Novella Carpenter, the Oakland-based author and urban farmer: “The elitism of the slow food movement makes people who are younger want to barf. Alice Waters doesn’t speak for us.”
  • The New York Post reports over the weekend: Ruth Madoff got rejected when trying to use expired coupons at California Pizza Kitchen.
  • Somewhat relatedly, Michael Ruhlman dines at the Cheesecake Factory and likes it.
  • Jay Rayner reviews the restaurant New York Grill & Bar in the Radisson Sas Hotel at Stansted Airport in London: "A hunk of Asian spiced chicken was dusty, dry and tense, as if the bird had caught sight of the final bill for this meal shortly before being slaughtered."



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  1. Mr. B.

    Only $305 for the hamburger bed right now, and "the pickle pillow is NOT included." (Sweet! I hate pickles). If Kayla (who made the bed) had read the New Yorker article you guys link to, though, she might've added a side of fries. That article is seriously amazing, btw. Especially the section on the experiments with portion size.

  2. Crumbly

    OMG the burger bed! So cute! It would really change the tone of my sex life, though.

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