Linksplodge 07/15/09


  • Above: Tony Millionaire reimagined Iron Man alongside the villains Baloney Head and Liverwurst Face as part of Marvel’s upcoming comic “Strange Tales Max”. [via Boing Boing]
  • Designboom has photos of "United Fruit," the exhibition at LACE in Los Angeles that explores the social, political and pop history of the banana.
  • SF Weekly reports that a book is being shopped around that documents the camping/hunting expedition in Outer Mongolia with Traci des Jardins, Loretta Keller, Mary Sue Milliken, Anita Lo, and April Bloomfield.
  • In an interview with The Daily News, Toby Young claims he went into Top Chef trying to be outrageous, but after watching the other judges, he toned it down. Quote: "Tom [Colicchio] is a figure of such huge authority, when he pronounces it's like Moses coming down from the mountain with tablets of stone. So I took my cue from him and just ended up taking the judging process much more seriously."


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