Linksplodge 07/23/09


  • Above, an archival print of the original oil painting, "Stilton Cheese" by Mike Geno. $20 on Etsy. Also, see our previous coverage of Mike Geno's food paintings.
    Update: We've been informed that it should have been called "Huntsman Cheese" since it appears to be Double Gloucester with slices of Stilton within it. Carry on.
  • Good has a photo series by Richard Ross on the interiors of bomb shelters.
  • Eater offers up a list of candidates who may possibly replace of Frank Bruni.
  • Buzzfeed: 20 Celebrities Eating On The Go
  • Videogum posts Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP roast chicken video. Quote: "You will need: 1 condescending description of a roasted, rosemary chicken with fingerling potatoes and a summer salad with homemade vinaigrette as 'fast food'."


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  1. drmarcj

    I know you didn't name the art, but since you asked (oh you didn't?) that's actually a painting of Huntsman cheese, which is a mix of Double Gloucester and Stilton. Delicious, but not technically straight up Stilton.

    Just sayin'.

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