Linksplodge 07/24/09


  • Above, Creative Review posted sketches and finished posters by Robert McGinnis for a retro campaign for Stella Artois 4%.
  • An exhaustive roundup of McDonald's logos.
  • Fake Restaurant Girl for-real interviews Sullivan Street Bakery and Company's Jim Lahey.
  • Indecision Forever on recent Obama food madness: "I was just about to go into full-on panic mode. I was all like, Where are President Obama and his two adorable daughters going to eat their frozen yogurt or shaved ice or whatever that stuff is this summer if they cannot settle on which mansion to stay in on an island I'll never visit? But, luckily, HuffPo was all over that shit with a front page headline..."


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  1. DBSweeney

    My girl always lounges on the pontoons of my seaplane wearing her pink dress just like that. Uncanny.

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