Linksplodge 07/30/09


  • The Dieline has a whole series of pudding packages by Yvonne Nieweth as part of a "design study about the development of brand identities."
  • Michael Pollan files an epic 8,300-word piece for the New York Times Magazine, "Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch," tackling Julia Child to the Food Network (food as a spectator sport), feminism, fast food, processed food (corporations, boo!), obesity, human evolution, and then back to Julie & Julia, quoting Brillat-Savarin and Lévi-Strauss all along the way.
  • Laura Shapiro, after calling Julie Powell's writing "hollow, narcissistic, and unforgivably lazy—qualities so foreign to Julia that it’s not at all surprising that she once said she couldn’t abide Powell’s work," reviews the film Julie & Julia for Gourmet: "The idea of Powell as a contemporary heir to this personal and culinary epic is absurd... Bring a book and a penlight for the Powell half of this movie."
  • The Daily Mail got in touch with Sarah Symonds, the professional mistress who allegedly had an affair with Gordon Ramsay, to find out her opinion about the ex-marine that almost fought him. She told them: "Finally. The ex-marine, my hero!! Is he single?"

  • Roseanne Barr, dressed as Hitler, burning gingerbread “Jew Cookies” for Heeb magazine. [via Buzzfeed]
  • Salon takes the Huffington Post's "Living" section to task for its unscientific and factually incorrect medical, health, and nutritional advice.
  • Eater finds a full-page advertorial ego boost for David Bouley in Saveur.
  • Grub Street runs a press release listing the competitors in the upcoming season of The Next Iron Chef.
  • YumSugar interviews Julie Powell: I'm not a serious cook. I hope that I might get her to understand that that was never my goal. What I wanted to do was use Julia's book as a creative outlet. From that, I found my voice, I found my subject, I found my tone. That gets a little lost in the movie, because the movie Julie & Julia is about the cooking and food. But for me, the project was at least as much about finding my vocation as a writer. So I completely agree with Judith that I am not a serious cook. Maybe someday I will be, but I'd prefer to be known as a serious writer."


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