'Official' Battlestar Galactica LED Toaster


Toasters that burn an image into toast are generally a total snoozefest, but we're impressed with the Battlestar Galactica LED Chrome Toaster made exclusively for Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego. Limited to only to 2,000 units, it fittingly features a moving red LED cyclon eye, and is available only on NBC's online store for $90. It would pair perfectly with the Cylon Coffee Pot Model 0001 and the Starbuck's Fresh Roasted Cylon coffee mug.

We're impressed with the attention to detail — note that that numbering on top of the toaster is set in Bank Gothic, the same typeface as the one used throughout the series:



[via Popcandy]

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  1. maxpickle

    I think getting Col. Tigh's flask from the prop auction gets you more scifi cred than anything from starbucks...
    "fraking Toasters"

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