Orangina Posters by Bernard Villemot


Orangina posters, Bernard Villemot. Left: 1953. Right: 1964. Images via orangina.eu

Commonly referred to as one of the best French artists of the past 50 years, Bernard Villemot (1911-1989) is most recognized for his (now) vintage print advertisements for the likes of the Red Cross, Air France, Bally's shoes, Perrier, and Orangina, the French carbonated citrus beverage. For almost four decades, starting in 1953, Villemot designed some remarkable posters for Orangina. Herein, a survey:


Orangina posters, Bernard Villemot. Left: 1956. Right: 1959.

Orangina describes the artist's work and style:

Monsieur Villemot was one of France’s busiest, most illustrious poster artists. His bold strokes, vivid colors and trademark shapely girls were sketched with economy of line and form. Villemot’s working theory was that a good poster must be a telegram, and he fully lived up to that mantra, dispatching vibrant messages with clarity and wit.


Orangina posters, Bernard Villemot. Left: 1959. Right: 1959.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1970.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1972.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1974.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1977.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1982.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1983.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1983.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1984.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1984.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1986.


Orangina poster, Bernard Villemot. 1989.

Originals are considered fine art and usually sell for thousands of dollars at auction, but reproductions of Villemot's posters are available through a variety of sources, including Allposters.com, art.com and eBay.

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